Treating a Tooth Extraction with the Proper Care for Healthy Recovery

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If you suffer from debilitating pain, or have a tooth that has decayed, broken, or has been damaged beyond repair, a tooth extraction can put you back on the road to smiling success. With our recovery tips and treatment guidelines, you will have a much healthier mouth in no time.

As with most recovery plans, it is important to get plenty of rest. Try to avoid exercise and strenuous labor if possible. If swelling in your face or mouth should occur, use appropriate ice packs to lessen the swelling. If applicable, take any pain medications or antibiotics that may have been prescribed to you by your dentist. Be sure to take exactly as instructed.  If any complications arise, be sure to contact your dentist immediately.

Do not eat before the anesthetic wears off. If you are not in full control or feeling in your mouth, choking becomes a very serious risk. Additionally, follow any diets laid forth by your dentist.

If you are a smoker, quit immediately to avoid complications it may bring.  If you are unable to quit or wish not to, give it up for at least 2 full days both before and after your extraction surgery.

Tooth extraction recovery can be a relative simple process if you take the necessary steps to allow yourself time to recover. To learn more, or to set up an appointment with Dr. Hector Menendez, call us at 732-937-9595 or visit our office in New Brunswick, New Jersey. We look forward to helping you in any way we can!