Why are routine visits to a dentist so important?

Routine visits to our dental offices in New Brunswick and Union, New Jersey, are important for maintaining good dental health. Dr. Menendez, and the rest of our team are trained professionals who can thoroughly examine the state of your oral health and find any existing problems. We also provide a comprehensive dental cleaning, part of which involves the removal of tartar, a hardened plaque that cannot be cleaned away with a toothbrush.

How can I care for my oral health at home?

Though routine dental visits are important, you must do your part at home if you want maintain the health of your smile. We recommend that you clean your teeth by brushing them twice a day for two minutes time using a fluoride toothpaste. Also do not forget to clean between your teeth by flossing them at least once a day.

Why is it important to restore missing teeth?

Though most people think that missing teeth are just a cosmetic flaw, few realize how important they are to your dental health. For one, the teeth support each other. If one is lost, then the other teeth may shift into a crooked position. Another problem that results from missing teeth is an uneven distribution of chewing forces, which can cause strain on your jaw and the remaining teeth in your mouth. Additionally, teeth support the jaw bone, so the jaw may shrink with time if teeth are lost. At our offices, we not only offer full and partial dentures to restore missing teeth, but dental implants as well which can support jaw health.

Will a dental procedure hurt?

At our office, patient care is our upmost concern and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible. Before we begin with dental treatment, we will provide you with different options including but not limiting to nitrous oxide, vibraject, and the WAND, that numbs your mouth in order to prevent you from
feeling uncomfortable during the treatment.

How do I care for my teeth after a procedure?

Our dentists will provide specific instructions for you to follow after a procedure so you can heal well, feel comfortable, and protect your oral health. These instructions may include some of the following actions:

  • Avoid touching the area a tooth has been extracted from or where an implant has been placed in. You do not want to irritate the tissue here or dislodge the blood clot that helps your mouth heal.
  • Continue brushing and flossing your teeth. However, you may have to avoid doing this for a couple of days in the areas of the mouth that are healing.
  • Rest after procedures like tooth extractions because elevating your blood pressure may cause the extraction site to begin bleeding again.
  • Avoid eating hot, crunchy, or spicy foods after implant or extraction procedures because doing so may irritate and harm your healing tissues.

We advise our patients to follow the instructions our dentist provides so you can heal quickly and comfortably after a dental procedure.