To ensure the comfort of all patients, even those who are afraid of needles, Dr. Menedez utilizes Vibraject in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The Vibraject allows our dentists to administer anesthesia with virtually no pain for the patient. When the Vibraject is used, many patients do not even realize that they have had an injection. They only remember the buzzing sound that the device makes, which is much like the sound of a hummingbird’s wings.

The Vibraject is a vibrating device that is attached to the syringe to make anesthesia administration as pain free as possible. The patient only feels the vibrating of the device. This occurs because the vibration sensation travels to the brain quickly, while the needle prick sensation travels to the brain more slowly. The feeling of the needle arrives at the brain too late for the sensation to be registered. Our patients love Vibraject because there is virtually no discomfort when the anesthetic is administered. Our dentists love it because they can provide the needed dental treatment and know that the patient is comfortable.

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