Oral Health for the New Age: Tooth Decay Detection

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Although we often find ourselves in situations in which tooth decay can occur, fear not, as a visit to your dentist can be extremely helpful for minimizing the risks associated with stopping tooth decay in its tracks. Typically, tooth decay can be prevented if you are willing to take the necessary time to clean your mouth out as needed. Listed below are a few common factors associated with tooth decay:

  • Tooth decay is typically caused due to the destruction of your tooth enamel due to harmful acids in your mouth.
  • Plaque buildup is one of the most significant risk factors for tooth decay because it can convert substances in your mouth into acids that chew through your tooth enamel.
  • Tooth loss can increase your risk of tooth decay as plaque and bacteria can pool in the gaps left behind.
  • Tooth decay that remains untreated can lead to cavities or eventual tooth loss.
  • Tooth decay is a severe oral health disorder, but it can be combated with effective cleaning methods and routine visits to your dentist.
  • Optimum oral hygiene is effective for lowering your risk for tooth decay.

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