Do You have a Cavity? Here Are the Symptoms to Look For

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If you think you might have a cavity, there are symptoms you can look for to make sure. Now remember: Your dentist is the best person to detect a cavity, so the right step would be to schedule an appointment at our office. That way he can treat your decay before it gets worse if you do indeed have a cavity.

The first symptom that is typically involved with a cavity is a soft spot on your tooth enamel. This soft spot is usually detected by your dentist during your dental appointment. Your dentist will identify this soft spot by probing your chompers with a special tool. In addition to a soft spot, you might even see a small or large hole in your tooth enamel when you’re brushing your teeth or examining your smile in the mirror.

The second symptom that is involved with a cavity is a toothache. The toothache should last for several days and it should be constant. Anything you do won’t permanently relieve it, and the ache might even make it tough to relax.

The third symptom that is involved with a cavity is tooth sensitivity. You will typically experience this sensitivity when you consume hot or cold foods or drinks or when you breathe cold air.

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