Composite Dental Filling Can Provide Moderate Cavity Repair

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Each tooth in your smile performs a unique function and therefore has unique needs. For example, the pressure of chewing falls on your molars and premolars, and they need to provide durability. When back teeth develop a cavity, they often require a gold or an amalgam filling, both of which are strong fillings and can properly support these teeth. While metal fillings come with a lot of strength, they are also highly visible.

If you have developed a cavity in a part of the tooth that can be seen by others, our dentist may recommend a composite dental filling.

Composite fillings are created by mixing powdered glass with acrylic resin, and they are shaded to the natural color of the rest of the tooth enamel. This type of filling is applied in layers, with each layer being cured before we place the next one. For this reason, Dr. Hector Menendez often reserves these tooth-colored dental fillings for smaller cavities that would be easy to notice by other people but will not receive a lot of pressure when you bite and chew.

Following the placement of the final layer, we can polish the filling so that it blends well with the tooth and is more resistant to stains. Keep in mind that these fillings can still stain over time if you eat a lot of dark-colored foods or drinks, and if this happens you may require another polish to restore the color. We also encourage you to brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily, as well as receive dental cleanings and exams and the dental office.

If you are considering receiving a composite dental filling in New Brunswick, New Jersey, or have further questions about cavities for our dentist, you are welcome to make an appointment at our office by calling 732-937-9595 today.