A Few Facts on Bleeding Gums

Do you ever wonder what you should do if your gums start bleeding? Some people assume that bleeding gums are something that just happens while you’re cleaning your smile—but in reality, if your gums bleed, you may be facing a more serious issue. Fortunately, if you’re able to find the reason your gums are bleeding,… Read more »

A Small Cavity Can Often Be Repaired by a Basic Filling

Cavities are essentially an area tooth decay that has compromised a small part of your tooth enamel. Most cavities are found during the course of your regular dental checkup at . However, if you notice a problem area on one of your teeth, you should call us at your earliest convenience to have it examined…. Read more »

Dry Socket: Avoiding Tips

Getting a tooth removed is never an enjoyable experience, but unfortunately, it is one that most Americans have to go through eventually—especially since most people have their wisdom teeth removed. Unfortunately, if a tooth is removed, you could ultimately have to deal with a painful dry socket. The first thing you should do is avoid… Read more »

Daily Attention in your Oral Hygiene Routine

While your new bridge is composed of artificial materials that are not vulnerable to tooth decay, it will none-the-less require daily attention in your oral hygiene routine. Gum disease and the pervasive bacteria associated with it, still poses a very serious threat to the long term integrity of your bridge. If plaque and residual food… Read more »

How to Treat and Restore a Fractured Tooth

The densely-packed microscopic mineral crystals of tooth enamel are what makes your teeth so hard and strong. While your teeth are designed to bite off or grind hard foods, there are times when an accidental blow to the face or a hard fall can impart enough force to fracture the enamel layer of a tooth…. Read more »

What to Expect (Dentally) When You’re Expecting

Becoming a new mother is an exciting time full of incredible changes. While most of those changes are welcome, some might not be good for you or your baby. It is important to take care of your teeth while you are pregnant, and to be aware of changes that can impact them. While many women… Read more »

Everyday Habits that can Help Prevent Some Oral Emergencies

An injury to your mouth, teeth, tongue or gums can be a serious cause for concern. While you can’t prevent everything there are a few everyday habits to consider that can reduce the chances or prevent some common oral emergencies. Try to break bad habits like chewing on ice or nibbling on hard objects like… Read more »