A Large Untreated Cavity Could Cause a Dental Abscess

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When a cavity goes without professional treatment from a dentist like Dr. Hector Menendez the bacterial tooth decay can gradually start to worsen. As it continues, the infection in the pulp and root of the tooth can spread to the underlying periodontal tissues.

This can cause infectious fluid to build up as a dangerous abscess develops deep in your gums. Without professional treatment, the bacteria could pass to your bloodstream leading to sepsis and other serious medical complications.

If the area of infection is small Dr. Hector Menendez might be able to treat the tooth with a root canal and course of prescription strength antibiotics. If the tooth has been severely compromised or the abscess is large, Dr. Hector Menendez might recommend a total extraction. This course of treatment will completely excise the abscess and all remnants of the tooth.

Afterward, Dr. Hector Menendez might include a prescription for antibiotics, and pain medications to help knock out any lingering infection and help you stay comfortable while your gums heal.

When you’re ready, he can help you understand the various options available restoring the tooth. This might include a dental bridge or dental implant.

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